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Title: The Fridge
Director: Ruth Luxford
Form: Digitized/3D/2D animations, Mac CD ROM
Size: 43.9 Mbytes
Synopsis: The kitchen is the centre of the home and the fridge is the centre of the kitchen. An interactive look at life in the average fridge. Food comes to life, nothing is as it seems.

Title: Gallery '93
Director: Graduate Diploma Class 1993
Form: Hand drawn/2D animations, Mac CD ROM
Size: 59.7 Mbytes
Synopsis: Loads of fun and wacky surprises in this gallery of many rooms, events and characters. Collect enough keys and you get to pass through the gates of Hell!

Title: Haiku dada
Director: Felix Hude
Form: Hand drawn/2D animations, Mac CD ROM
Size: 53.9 Mbytes
Synopsis: Explore the culture and contradictions of Japan. View beautiful woodblock prints in motion, select a haiku. Look into the personal profiles of typical Japanese citizens. Make your own haiku! Loads of fun for the culturally wise or just plain curious. Recommended by four sumo wrestlers out of ten. Basic Japanese and English phrases throughout. Felix Hude's web page.

'Best Achievement in an Interactive Production' student prize 1993. Exhibited at 'Virtualities' at the Melbourne Scienceworks Museum, Modern Image Makers Association, 1995; 'CD-EYE' at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, 1995; 'New Interface' at the Perth Artrage Festival, 1995; 'Burning the Interface', Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, 1996. Acquired for permanent collection by Griffith Artworks at Griffith University, Queensland, Australia. Experimenta and St Kilda Film Festival 2002

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