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Title: Buttons 95
Director: Class 1995
Form: Hand drawn/2D/3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: 452.7 Mbytes

Title: Matress
Director: Class 1995
Form: Live Action/Hand drawn/2D/3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: 267.1 Mbytes

Title: Totally Rediculous
Director: Greg Zaritski
Form: Hand drawn/2D Interactive, Mac/PC CD ROM
Size: 68.1 Mbytes
Synopsis: An interactive animation and game that uses wit and humour to poke fun at the West's stereotyped views about Russia, its people, culture and icons. Made by a Ruskie. Accepted for exhibition in the 'New Talent Pavillion' MILIA '96

Awards: "Award of Excellence for Best Interactive 1995" awarded by Empire Ridge. "Award of Excellence for Best Interface Design 1995" awarded by The Hiser Consulting Group (Melbourne). "Best Use of Sound in a Multimedia Product" Australian Teachers of Media International Multimedia Awards 1996. "Most Entertaining Product" Australian Teachers of Media International Multimedia Awards 1996. "Interactive Entertainment Award" 1996, International Effects and Animation Festival. "Noteworthy Award" New Voices, New Visions 1996 event organised by Voyager. "Young Designer Award 1996" in the C.A.D. category, organised by Myer (Melbourne). "Shockwave Site of the Day: June 4, 1997" for Jurassic Zone Web site, awarded by Macromedia Inc, (USA).
Exhibitions: Expirimenta Media Arts CD ROM Gallery Tour, 1998. Techne 1997, Perth, Australia. 10th Annual Dallas Video Festival, Dallas, USA. New Voices, New Visions 1996, Los Angeles, USA. ATOM Award Winners Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia. Interact '96, Melbourne, Australia. Young Designer Award Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia. 'New Talent Pavillion' MILIA, Cannes, France 1996

Title: Tricky
Director: Gillian Morrison
Form: Live Action/3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: 310.5 Mbytes
Synopsis: An interactive game using live-action and 3D computer graphics. Three friends discover self truths when confronted by day to day problems. Urban, neurotic, depressed or deluded, the user can set the level of their psychosis.

Presented at "Women in Motion" Film Festival and Careers Forum, 1996, Exhibited at "Domestic Disturbances" Exhibition (Australia) 1996

Title: TV Director
Director: Marco Bresciani
Form: 2D/3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: --- Mbytes
Synopsis: A CD ROM which puts the user in charge of directing a T.V. soap. The user's face is digitally recorded and incorporated as a co-actor into the drama that follows. What happens when a lead actor calls in ill? The show must go on

Title: Underworld
Director: Shaun Elstob
Form: 3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: 99.2 Mbytes
Synopsis: The user explores a sinister 3D subterranean complex of rooms. Through navigation and interaction with the objects within this mediated space, insights into the identity and personality of the absent occupant are gained.

Title: Wonderworld
Director: Anutara Tantraporn
Form: 2D/3D Interactive, Mac CD ROM
Size: 72.5 Mbytes
Synopsis: A computer-based interactive playschool with day by day access to a series of activities which feature concepts designed to encourage exploration and stimulate the imagination of small children.

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