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Masters of New Media Lecture Series

Presented by the Centre for Animation & Interactive Media
and research candidates of the Masters & PhD Research Program

7:00 - 8:30pm, RMIT Radio Theatre, ground floor, Building 9
(enter via Franklin Street entrance of Bowen Street, 1st building on the left)

Program for 2000

Thursday 13th April

"The Research Journey...
from methodology to practicality"
animations from AIM archives: "This Way Up" by Sharon Parker
"Owed to Jack Kerouac" by Kathryn Mew
"The Fang" by Al MacInnes
presenting researchers:
Mark Lycette
Chris Henschke
Minty Hunter
Rebekah Farr
Rebecca Young
guest speaker: Adjunct Professor Tim Austin
Multimedia Consultant, Swinburne University

Thursday 11th May "The Research Environment...
what it means to be a researcher in the new millenium"
animations from AIM archives: "David & Rocky" by Yong Keom Lee
"Kismet" by Dawson Warren
"Le Maison De Cochon" by David Harris
presenting researchers: Chris Knowles
Annemarie Szeleczky
Amanda Slack-Smith
Tina Gonsalves
Richard Micallef
guest speaker: Professor Robin Williams
Dean, Faculty, Art Design & Communication, RMIT

Thursday 1st June "Government Policy & Direction of Multimedia in Victoria... what's happening in the State's research environment"
animations from AIM archives: "The Greatest Story Untold by Paul English
"Lilly & the Yellow Cake" by Trace Balla
"Spaghetti Western" by Marco Bresciani & Chris Hancock
presenting researchers: Lisa Gye
Tim Ryan
Robyn Blake
guest speaker: Carol Bate
Director, ICT Skills & Communications, Multimedia Victoria

Thursday 6th July "Digital Divas... Focus on Women"
animations from AIM archives: "Les Grenouilles" by Kate Cawley
"The Hooowling" by Louise Craddock
"Drug Pig Bitchus" by Kiera Poelsma
presenting researchers: Kathy Mueller
Carolena Helderman
guest speaker: Jo Wellington
Tantamount Productions

Wednesday 2nd August "Live Time Performance"
presentations: Lost Time Accident
Mince Is Static
Damien Everett
Garth Paine
Guest Form Freaks: Steve Middleton & Dale Nason
Venue: International Bar
18-24 Market Lane, Melbourne

Thursday 7th September "The View from the Ground - Political Resistance on the Net"
animations from AIM archives: "Brassketeers" by Maung Maung Aye
"Killjoy" by Al MacInnes
"Lucky Dip" by Julian Chapple
presenting researchers: Sue McCauley
Michael Buckley
Sam de Silva
guest speaker: Tedjabayu
'The Internet as a Medium for Democratic Struggle' - The fall of the Indonesian authoritarian regime.

Thursday 5th October "Digital Media Fund - Cinemedia Interactive Screen Arts (ISA) Program"
animations from AIM archives: Pharmaceutical Girl" by Dik Jarman
"Final Notice" by Chris Barker
"Oktikuki" by Csaba Szamosy
presenting researchers: Jeong Kyu-Kim
Mike Nowson
John Mazzocchi
guest speaker: Amelia King
Digital Media Fund Manager
Dr Ross Gibson
Creative Director, Screen Gallery, Cinemedia at Federation Square

Thursday 2nd November "Defending your Digital Assets - copyright, intellectual property & contracts"
animations from AIM archives: "Ithaca" by Peter Agas
"Whyspers" by Lindsay Cox
"Sleep with the Fishes" by Jos Valdman
presenting researchers: Charles McCathie-Neville
Kathryn Bird
Natasha Dwyer
guest speaker: Bryce Menzies
Solicitor, Roth Warren Solicitors

    Masters of New Media Lecture Series

time and venue:
7:00 - 8:30pm
RMIT Radio Theatre, ground floor, Building 9
(enter via Franklin Street entrance of Bowen Street, 1st building on the left)
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