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A Convoluted History of Time:

This page is maintained by Chris Hancock (me!) - Post Grad. at the "Animation and Interactive Multimedia Course" ("Huh??" you say?) at RMIT in Victoria, on this little island called Australia. After six years of high school, I decided I couldn't live without being completely penniless, so I went straight in to Swinburne Uni as a devout follower of the "Computer and Instrumental Science" sect. After graduation, I escaped overseas for a year doing a Mr Bean impersonation across Europe in "Pogo", a bright yellow Austin Mini 1000 (awrrirght! What awesome raw power it had, and the steering wheel of a tractor to boot - but roadholding like you wouldn't believe!!). [Click here to see the latest episode of "Pogo in Europe" - updated when and as I feel like it unless otherwise requested].

Returning to my hometown of sunny Melbourne (after an all too brief passage through Canada), I was in serious need of some money so it was out into the real world... year later I was back at Uni - this time at my present location in RMIT. Hmmmm, now what....?

Where Now?

Big Brother Take a snapshot from an ever changing location at RMIT's city-campus.

Take AIM at our course's homepage to see what's going on and what it's all about (if you find out let me know!).

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