Home "Sweat" Home

Well, here's the place we (all 13 of us, plus 4 of 'them') call home! The recently renovated interior of Building 9 of RMIT's city campus in the heart of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia!

My desk's the one with the black backpack on it. So where's that spiral staircase lead to you ask? (you hadn't? Oh well!) It transports the unwarey traveller to the casualty department of the local hospital with concusion...(??!). And who's that hard working sole in the background...obviously doesn't have a home to go to!

This is the view out of our studio windows, well sort of, if you walk out a door and up some stairs...anyway the buildings stay the same, its just the angle that changes to protect the innocent.

This bluestone building, squished between RMIT and a hard place is in fact the old Melbourne Gaol. A building of some historic importance (hence its prestigous location squished next to RMIT), and containing such things as deathmasks, various devices to stop you leaving when you feel like it, and some very old dust...nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there...

And why 'sweat' you ask??! Deadlines are stress inducing...

Some More Melbourne Photos:

Taken around the vacinity of RMIT's city campus.

Grand Final Parade 1995's pre-Aussie Rules footy final parade down Swanston Street...Geelong lost (again!).

Swanston Street Night time, with a tram trundelling past.

Bowen Street The main access road through RMIT, taken from the roof of our building (that's my trusty chariot down there that is!).

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