Half Around The World In 110 Days!

Well here it is...or at least a weeny part of it...the epic tale of "Pogo", a bright yellow 1984 Austin Mini 1000. It's a story of low adventure (you can't get much closer to the ground than when your in a Mini), distant lands (although I guess that depends upon where you, the reader, live), and a myriad of dead bugs on the windscreen (an appology to all the bugs out there currently reading this).

Here are some of the 'facts' compiled once the journey was over, and Pogo had returned to his (her?) home in Devon, England:

Total Distance Travelled: 11,500 miles (18,500 km)

Comparitively: Sydney to London = 10,575 miles

Sydney to New York = 9,949 miles

Length of the Nile = 4,145 miles

Earth's Equator = 24,902 miles

Duration of Trip: 110 days

Average Daily Distance: 105 miles (168 km) per day

Petrol Consumed: 300 gallons (1,364 litres) by car NOT driver

Approximate Top Speed: 100 mph (167 kmh) on the Autobahn...and maybe elsewhere...

At this stage, I've just included a few places (in chronological order) where Pogo was visible. This means the pictures themselves don't necesserily rate as the most interresting I took of a particular location (although Pogo would probably beg to differ)! I'll add extra 'place' photos and some actual story content - linked to the main Pogo photos if I get a chance...which probably means not a chance in the proverbial!

Well that's just a few (and I mean a FEW) of the pictures I took - at last count I took approximately 1200 photographs while on my brief trip overseas...boy did Kodak ever love me! Two years later, and I STILL haven't sorted them all out (hay! these things take time ok!?)...

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