Letter from Allison Excop -Member of the "T.M.O.Y.M.B Church Congregation.

I think it was about March 1998 when we first got the dispenser. A new member of the congregation brought it in. Before that, we used to line up for communion, like the Catholics. The queue was terrible, very slow moving. My first memories of the dispenser are dominated by the feeling of excitement that all of us felt when it first started spitting wafers at us. We were in awe of it. Once the dispenser came on to the scene, things were different. We could order up a wafer using the little buzzer under our seat, and it would be delivered within twenty seconds most times. We didn't have to get up at all.

The only problem that I remember is that some people didn't watch carefully for their wafers and there were a few eye injuries. Wafer cuts were common two, when the wafer hit you at just the wrong angle, but, man, what convenience! The minister would shout out, "Who ordered Mexicana? They're ready to go!!" Then there would be this hissing sound as the air pressure built up and then Shpat Shpat Shapt....mexicana wafers flying everywhere, people diving for them and laughing. On feast days, the dispenser was mounted on a special gun, and it could flip out two wafer flavours at once. They were great times. I'm really sorry that they stopped using it. I still don't know why.

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