From: Susan Tree
To: Carmet Nunce and Dr. Johannes Bofli

Deer very reverend Carmet Nunce and Dr. Johannes Bofli.
When I was walking down the street of Beijing, near the tomb of Emperor Chin for sightseeing, suddenly this object fell down on my head from the sky. I had to be in the hospital for 2 weeks because of that accident. The police made great efforts to search for those who are responsible, but it was in vain. There was no one but me and my husband. The police gave me that for apologising that they couldn't find the reason. After I recovered from my wounds, I took it to my place here in Melbourne. I examined it carefully. There was no signs of fire or scratching, but some parts of it had been torn up. I thought it could be useful for killing insects. You know, here we have a huge flock of insects, especially in summer. So I put some insecticide in it, and sprayed it on insects like ants, mosquitos and flies. It worked very well. It is wonderful. I don't believe it's just because of the effect of the insecticide. As you know, although we use the best chemicals to kill the insects, they come again and again. But after using this... I couldn't see even the shadows of insects in my house. It is fantastic! So I decided to try another Stuff. I put some fertiliser in it, and then sprayed it on my apple tree and pineapples which were almost dead. Can you imagine what happened after that? I can eat fresh apples and pineapples every morning since then. So I tried another one, I put some soup in it and sprayed it on my kids who don't like to wash themselves. After that therapy, I didn't have to struggle with them to be clean. It's amazing! I tried more other ones, the results were unbelievable. This is why I let this object to you. I want to know

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