Object: #911.AIMOdA
Variations on a Pineapple#2

Pineapplilus Giganticus

Common name : The Big Pineapple.
Height 30m x Diameter 15m Weight 20 Tonne

In the entire history of our tiny planet there has only ever been one specimen of this unusual strain of plant species. The Pineappilus Giganticus can be found on One Thousand Eyes island, a small continental island located in the far regions of the South Pacific Ocean. It has a long and enduring history dating back to the age of the dinosaurs. It seems to have served no specific purpose to any civilized or uncivilized society beyond being a backscratcher for dinosaurs, a lookout for the shipwrecked and a spectacle for the determined tourist. Years of scientific testing and research has drawn no conclusions or provided any explanations regarding it's longevity and ability to survive in any climatic conditions and under any earthly circumstance.


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Dr. Blofli
Ridiculous! the thousand eyes of pineapple,it was the most stupid thing that I have ever heard. What you talked about was just the shell of pineapples. Scientifically, the pieces of their skin were created because of the natural condition. The thickness and hardness make pineapples can keep the moisture and water of fruits. That why we can taste the sweetness and succulence of pineapples. Moreover, their shells are the first defence to help them stay away from the various kinds of insects. About the influrence of pineapple eyes, I like to describe following this. What is possible to explain is when people consume alchohol beverage, their will become insane people. This kind of people cannot control their behaviour and tend to express every of their secrets both good or bad. In case of criminals on the beach, although, there was no any cocktail-glass decorations or even cocktail. Naturally, wherever criminals are, cops tried to pursute criminals as a result they had to be arrested finally. See! there is nothing related to the pineapple eyes.