Object: #A51.AIMOdA




Written by Dr. Johannes Blofli
interviewer : FBI (Federal Beuro agent)
place: RMIT University (AIM studio)
date : 12 Dec 1999

Description about the object.

In general this object is like a toy, if we look at it's color, but actually this was a very powerful knife. The shape looks like a sword, but it isn't, it is a prototype knife used by the armed forces. (Built for year 2010 usage). Some body gave me this object in 1993 in pieces,he said that found in area 51 desert, and after I reconstructed it, I reviewed and researched until 1999. I can prove that this object is a prototype for the special armed forces,Which can make the enemy die in just a second without have to touch the enemy directly, and still many things about the power of this knife. My research about the connection between this weapon and humans was the thesis for my doctoral studies at the University of Lintz. But I think my research has not finished yet; I still suspect this object has a relationship to the other objects that have similar construction and shape. I am really interested in the wafer dispenser or penis enlarger that I think is a piss bomb launcher which can make the enemy piss until his body liquids run out. And believe it may also be connected to another object, a bug sprayer which I think is a central part of that weapon.

Description about the object

What a incredible stuff !
I've imagined that kind of objects which came from other space. Looking as aliens have been used. I read this article at last month. This object was dug out in Area 51 by a archaeologist. Everybody knows where is Area 51.
It makes us more believable that it was alien's stuff. Someone will not believe that. But I'm definitely trust. It might be a kind of communication device which can make interact with other's device and any transfer like time machine. We can't figure it out and nobody knows about this device how it does work and what this is all about until now. Because some superior race created that and dropped that in area 51 by any unexpected clash. It look like knife and toy. but as you see, we can not cut even any pineapple with this. Because it is very blunt and it was made by different material which we never ever have been faced before. It is quiet enough to give any interesting to us. You believe or not. I also guess that it has multiple functions as healing any diseases and any hurts even spirit things. In addition it can be more powerful weapon than humans have. It is magic sword..... I'm expecting that it could be clear some day.
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