Dr Johannes Blofli PhD, MBSC, DIPT.

Dr Johannes Blofli is presently a MLC JSPC research fellow with the Faculty of Human Engineering at Hiroshima. He received his PhD from the University of Lintz, Switzerland. He worked for several years at Goldlamé Informatique in Brussels where he was involved in the now notoriously counterproductive DBMS negotions. Blofli was born in Untergarment, a small town in the Swiss Alps.

His family have been makers of cuckoo clocks for seven generations. Blofli was the first son in 150 years to leave the family business. Reflecting on his decision to leave, Blofli said, "I loved my father and his lederhosen dearly, yet I found carving cuckoos and wiener schnitzel most unfulfilling; but Papa and his assistant Werner taught me an appreciation for small, curious objects and for that I am most grateful". Others have less charitably noted that his boyhood experiences have left Blofli with a recurring nervous condition which is demonstrated on the hour.

Blofli has been published extensively. A list of his abstracts appear below:


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