The Very Reverend Carmel Nunce

The Very Reverend Carmel Nunce has been an active and vocal member of the clergy since her ordination in 1976. She reports that she graduated from the University of Wittingenstein with honours in early Etruscan Delft work in 1980. Since then she has been an avid contributor to many secular and non-secular texts on topics ranging from "Topiary - its Mystique and Significance in Byzantine Rome" to "The Chiaroscuro practices of Lorenzo di Medici". Her chief passions are writing and playing lute with her chamber music group - the "Bell Sleeve Four". It has been said of her academic writing that she will unstintingly pass exquisitely detailed (some have even said mind-numbingly fastidious) opinion on any object or event that attracts her attention. Negative reaction to her writings do not phase the Very Reverend, she discounts her critics as "ill-informed toads" and consoles herself with devising plots for her "jaunty" novels - published under a pseudonym.

Her background is unknown. The University of Wittegenstein have apparantly no record of her attendance there, which the Very Reverend puts down to "beaurecratic bumbling by officious and self-appointed power mongers". A selection of the Very Reverend's writings appear below:


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