The considered opinion... Apple play an important role in science. A report by Dr Johannes Blofi.........
Observation 1: The Moon orbits the Earth on a near circular orbit. Newton 1 ? Moon is constantly being accelerated. It is continuously
falling towards the Earth.
Observation 2: An apple falls from a tree.

Newton's ingenious idea: The very same force [gravity] that makes an apple fall from the tree also keeps the Moon on its orbit around
the Earth.
So, what about the apple?
The story is that the apple hit Newton on the head. Newton could be dead if it was a coconut. But,
the truth of the matter is "The medium is the message." The apple is the message. people are very
much like apples. Deep down inside they have some core values, beliefs that are very difficult to
change. This core is the foundation of the fruit. Between the skin and the core are a lot of good
ideas, things they know how to do, things they can figure out, good stories, and fruitful ideas. And,
then there is the skin. The skin is thin on an apple. It doesn't take much to poke it open to get inside,
yet it's the face that is open to the chaos of the world; it allows the fruit to breathe, it catches light
from the sun and cold from the night. It's easy enough for new ideas to poke their way under
people's skin, but getting to the core is another matter altogether.
Dr Johannes realized that he had no idea what he was thinking when he wrote this. He also realized
that he was running out of time, he had already spent hours on apple graphics, and then he must
commit himself to making sense out of nonsense. He decided to start with Newton.

Newton was a rule-maker. Not only was he long-lived, he was quite prolific at establishing laws-
gravity, thermodynamics, etc. The neat thing about rules is that they bring order out of chaos. The
problem is, however, that when you get too many sets of rules, that you increase variability (chaos).
People living today in such a rule-based world can only make sense out of it by finding relative rules,
and making relative sense out of their situation.
Apple is fun, it's really painted by god's brush and it can be your best friend!........O t h e r W r i t i n g s

The big apple