The Considered Opinion of Doctor Johannes Blofli Ph.D


What we have here, in the banalest terms, is one of ten original small hand held anal brushes designed to relieve the pressure of hemorrhoids. It is evidenced to have been manufactured by a German Medical Practitioner, Dr. Helmut de Haan, in 1898. While it did not receive any significant Medical profile, nor did it inspire in Dr. de Haan to any greater discoveries, it does shed an oblique light on a fascinating accidental moment in history.The Scruber is a tragically beautiful little device that has been painstakingly carved from German bloodwood. What was particularly interesting about this discovery was the accompanying letter to Dr. Thomas Watson. Amusingly, due to Dr. de Haan's mediocre grasp of the English language and his efforts to be discreet, none of the afore mentioned Doctors actually grasped the medical specificity of the device they had been sent. Consequently, the recipients told everyone and the Scruber found a wider, if misguided, use world wide.




Plate 001:- Doctor de Haan and Patient



A controversial opinion from Tanya Nunce

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