Today it is accepted wisdom that wealthy white males perform inadequately in positions of power. New legislation prohibits this demographic from holding public office. There has been much written about the string of heinous crimes committed in the early years of this millennium, of the eminent judges, clergymen, and politicians charged for them; and of social and political upheaval that this caused. Finally the truth is out. These indecent crimes, cause of the fall of many pillars of society and the ultimate "Decline of the Great White", were the exploits of a small group of female revolutionaries; the "Red Bristles".

The modus operandi of the "Red Bristle" was simple. Each member employed as a cleaning lady by an eminent male member of society. Using precision equipment (such as the brush illustrated above), she collected microscopic samples of blood and tissue from her clients personal items. At the same time she would be performing heinous crime (usually a brutal and sexually depraved murder designed for maximum press coverage and public outcry) at another workplace. Planting the genetic samples at the crime scene inevitably caused the demise of the former upstanding citizen

To this day historians are still unsure of the composition and exact movements of the "Red Bristles". In fact many academics are ignorant of the organization's very existence. This obscurity is largely due to the secrecy of the organization; sadly it is also an indication that the patriarchal structures these women fought to undermine are still in place. The addled writings of DR Blofli and his cronies are proof that, in academia at least, authority of the "Great White" lingers on. Astrid Strum and her sistas made remarkable progress. We must continue the fight!