The Snowdome
Source: File Picture Considered Opinion

I want to believe!!

This snowdome has got to be one of the most underrated discoveries of our time. Point to note, a depiction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge originating from the 1500s in Russia?? This does shake the whole foundation of how the Sydney Harbour Bridge came about.

I am currently in research trying to find even the remotest clue that will link the construction of the Bridge in the early 1900s to the snowdome. Mr. Bolshveitski is unavailable for further questioning, but he may be the only one that can provide any further insight into the matter.

It is unnverving to find an object as old as this which points blatantly to a national symbol way into the future. I am very inclined to believe that an otherworldly/outerworldly presence HAD to be involved with the snowdome. Add to the fact that the composition of the dome has yet to be determined, I am 99% certain that this object is definitely not your average paperweight or mantlepiece.