I consider object aim_oda_308 to be a device of enormous significance. Recent investigations have shed light on the devices mineral structure. Increadibly this research points towards an extra-terrestrial origin! Staggering as it may seem this object may hold evidence of a powerful civilisation beyond this planet of ours! Some geologists believe It was perhaps carried to earth from the celestrial heavens via the great many comet impacts that are thought to have occured around the dawning of the Ice Age. Carbon dating of the object is unconclusive, further adding to its aire of mystery. I strongly feel the object to be a device of spiritual power. My tireless research into this objects leads me to believe that it brings its bearer calrity of mind and the expanding ones awareness. Past Scottish documentation notes that the device can be used to effectively to access one's past and future lives. I personally can vouch for its ability to assist in the finding lost car keys and the removal of unsightly wrinkles and cellulite.


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