The apple tree still waited and waited. At a hot summer day, it saw its dearest child again! " Come here! Let's play! " The
tree shouted happily. But the child replied unhappily, " I feel upset because of my elderly, I hope that I can use my
leftover lifetime to enjoy peacefully. This time...would you give me a ship? "
" The tree answered without thinking," then cut down also my trunk! Build a ship to enjoy your lifetime! "The child this
time went for many years.
After many years, one day, the child came back to the old apple tree. Poor apple. it only had stump with it! And it said to
the child with a sorry voice, " Sorry, My dearest. By now I don't have any apples giving you to eat and don't have any trunk
to bring you see the wonderful sky view again, I'm only a useless stump, I really have nothing to give you anymore......" The
apple tree cried. It cried because it couldn't help the child anymore, it cried for its uselessness!
" I'm old, " the child said. " I don't have any teeth to eat your delicious apples, I don't have enough strength to climb up
your strong body, I'm tired, I just want a place for me to take a rest." The child stayed beside the apple tree's stump.
" Child, You've choose a right place! The old tree's stump is most suitable for people to take rest. Come here, My dearest,
Sleep on my side! " The apple tree said softly, sweetly. Gradually, the child slept sweetly.............. That was the first apple
tree on earth.

Once upon a time, there was a great and strong apple tree on
the hillside. Every day, a child chatted with it and caught
apples to eat. The life was so happy. The child and the apple
tree were the best friends in the world.
One day, the child came to the apple tree with an upset face.
" I won't play with you again, dear. I've already grown up, I
need toys with me, even I haven't got a coin......" the tree said
with sympathy, " Come here, get the apples on my body as
much as you can. If you sell them, you'll get a lot of money to
buy toys." After this, the tree hadn't seen the child for a long
The apple tree was hopeless, but it still waited and waited.
One day it saw that the child came to visit itself again! It was
very happy, and called the child to play together. " No, " the
child replied. " I'm not a child now! I would work for my life
and my family. I have no more time to play with you! By now, I
need a house for living, would you help me? " The apple tree
said softly, " I don't have any house, but you can cut down all
my branches to build a warm home. " It saw the child left
happily, it smiled. But since that time, the child hadn't come to
visit his dear friend for a long period.
DATE: ??, YEAR: ??

Apple can be your best friend! This is the story of an apple tree and a little boy.