Das ScruBer (The Scruber)


This is a letter written by Helmut de Haan on 14th December 1898 to his friend and colleague in London, Thomas Watson. It is evidenced to be one of ten letters written to European Medical Practitioners that accompanied a hand crafted prototype of The Scruber.


Dearest Thomas,

I hope that this letter you finds in good hell. I have completed the item (Das ScruBer) as we have discussed at September conference. Along with it I have attached a diagram. I believe that this may ease suffering you have to me gescribed. Mine own patience has responded very well and I think you will find it good also. The longest bristle is perhaps the most difficult to becommen accustomed to and uncomfortable for the sufferer at first but you will find it to be most successful ultimately. Thomas you are not the only one to receive the Scruber, there are but nine others, who for this moment shall remain anonymous. Please, I would ask you to tell no one, as the Medical Profession is still suspicious of new procedures. I am eagerly waiting your beliefs on this matter.

Yours earnestly

Helmut de Haan

Plate 001:- This working diagram of The Scruber Prototype was done by Helmut de Haan in 1898. The diagram shows a cross section through the Scruber showing the wringer effect of the mantle lengthening and shortening the horse hair bristles.

Helmut de Haan,ink on linen, Hamburg, 1898. Donated Noah de Haan, February 2001



The Considered Opinion of Dr. Johannes Blofli Ph.D.