The Snowdome

These are taken from the Bolshveitski family archives.

Note the hardly legible script and structure.

Photos courtesy of Mr. Bolshveitski
Mythical Origin

Little is known about this snowdome with its unbreakable housing and seemingly mysterious properties. All data that we have now on the snowdome has come mainly from Mr. Bolshveitski and archived records of the Bolshveitski clan.

We have however been able to piece bits and pieces out of the long history of the snowdome. Based on sketchy descriptions and anecdotes (no pictures unfortunately) found scattered in the records, it seems that everything points back to a period in early 16th century Russia. Witnesses have put down on record, seeing the house of Bolshveitski being enveloped in a strange white light, which had seemingly no effect on the property except for one of the family cows, which was discovered missing after the incident.

The rest of the records have proved to be either illegible, or they have been so badly written and phrased at the time of writing that (after translation) much of the meaning was lost, or would most likely be misinterpreted.

We are currently trying our best to get in contact with Mr. Bolshveitski again to aid us in our research; and also, just before he left, he gave strict instructions not to shake the snowdome under any circumstances. Up till now, we have followed his instructions, but the urge to shake the snowdome grows stronger. We hope the consequences would be minimal should we decide to proceed with it.