upper body adiposity
Call it what you want: "middle-age spread," "love handles," or a "pot-belly," it's all the same
thing... Upper Body Adiposity (UBA) the "apple-shaped" condition characterized by the
accumulation of unwanted, embarrassing adipose (fat) tissue in the center and upper parts of
the body, primarily in the abdominal area, waist, upper arms, chest, and back.
It's undeniable, unpleasant, and if you've been trying to rid yourself of UBA without much
success, you already know it takes much more than some ordinary diet pill to defeat upper body
fat accumulation. It takes Penguin lever oil, the first weight-control compound specifically
designed to reduce the resistant, large-cell "depot fat" that makes UBA so difficult to manage.
One short note: Tania in her recent research found that although UBA is most often a man's
problem, it is a condition of great concern for both sexes. Most women tend toward the "apple"
shape at perimenopause (around 40 years of age).
A research work by Tania Nunce
forwarded to Dr Johannes