DATED: (02-03-2001)


We surfers have been always keen to try out new tricks. In last weeks edition you would have read about Ally and her surfing dog Skip. We put that article in for a bit of fun but it got a surprising amount of feed back. It seems that many of you have tried to teach your dog to surf for many years now and it is amazing that this subject of pet surfing has only arose now.
From a letter sent in this week, one man told us of his story about teaching his dog to surf. What he did not take in to consideration was that his dog could not swim. You can make up what happened next. So, for those of you that have not taught your dog to surf, we strongly recommend you to teach it how to swim first.
There was another letter sent in by a reader and his experience should teach you a lesson if you are planning to train your dog to surf. His dog was surfing away down to the shore until the wave broke. Somehow he jumped back on to the board to wait for his owner to take him back out to catch another wave. Upon waiting, this dog and his board got caught in a rip. The dog sailed miles off into the ocean and never returned.
If you have taught your pet to surf or are planning to, we would love to see some pictures. It doesn't have to be a dog, feel free to train your cats or rabbits or anything! we dont care.