The Snowdome

Students at the last blue ribbon protest. Source: Student Union

Wear a blue ribbon.
Evidence Of Other Writing

Below is an abstract from a report by Tania Nunce:

I strongly object to the University's ruling on banning all students from driving blue coloured vehicles to school. It is one thing to impose restrictions to control dissent and student uprising, and a totally different matter to place such a ban just because blue is the colour taken up by a rival educational institute.

Draconian measures do not go down well in this age of information and freedom of expression. Students are expected to change the colour of their cars or bicycles just to appease the school authorities? Does this mean that in time to come, students on campus will not be allowed to wear clothing with the slightest hint of blue? Or will blue coloured textbooks be shunned and left out of campus syllabus?

I am appalled at the state of institutional politics, and the means they will take to stake their claim on the student population. This does not bode well for the future of our school. I will be bringing this up in the next student rally on Monday, and in response to the ruling, the Student Union will be distributing blue ribbons and blue umbrellas for those who wish to take up this protest.