Other Writing:

Dr Johannes Blofli PhD

Detection Bypass Montitoring System

Goldflame Informatique,

Final Report:

It seems the negotiations suffered irreprable damage in 
public opinion due to unfortunate media coverage, which 
is understandibly heart breaking to those of involved. 
Regretfully this project has come across financial 
obstacles in it's final stages with all but two of the 
original seventeen sponsors pulling out. Three years of 
research has been rendered useless. It is my belief that 
this study will be revisited in the future, as the 
population realises it's potential, as both a lifestyle 
and an attitude. The system is undergoing a shift in 
perspective and the so-called underhand techniques of 
the past will be reassserting themselves as a valid means 
of survival. As demand for riches increase beyond the 
realm of those who can afford it, more and more people 
will look to our tools and methods as a reliable means 
of achieving their goals. In terms of design and 
engineering, i have not seen such ingenious and 
methodical practise since the late Gunter Blofli snr 
and his trusty assistant Werner Heiser undertook time 
delay system reseach in Untergarmet, Switzerland. 

Authorities must realise that they will have to come 
to the party, so to speak. And the Goldlame 
Informatique could set a precedent by reinstating 
promised funding to the project.

Dr Johannes Blofli, PhD.