The CJ-laser is a laser gun, no one knows wherre it comes from, it just has been found from one ledge and be produced by unknowed material which is more tough than diamond. In fact, it is belong to future cause it comes from future.



After science-oriented researching by different studnets in varity subject field of our University, we have plenty reason to believe that the gun will rescue us in future.



Around the area where the gun has been found, there are lots of dull leaf which is seems some secret creature. After rearrange some piece in order, we get a body shape which has a simlar structure to human body. Meanwhile, another reserach indicate that the laser gun only can kill the different tree, and keep all other lifes alive. We can conclude that must something happen, the leaf_creature from other outer space invade the earth, the gun is the specific weapon to protect us in this disastern abd some prophet in future keep this gun to alarm his later generations. It was not only occur in past, but also will happen in future.


my partener
mysterious pouch
mysterious penguin