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Hello Again

Welcome to day four of this weeks project, which is to run over the next four days. You will be working in teams, each team to work one 8 hour day. We have run the selection process through our great super-computer (consisting of a hat and names written on scraps of paper) and come up with the following allocations:

Team Names and Operating Times:

Funky Lemons - Monday, finishing at 6:00pm

  • Peter
  • Thaworn
  • Tim

Indubitable Oranges - Tuesday, finishing at 7:30pm

  • David
  • Chris
  • Glen

Gas Greens - Wednesday, finishing at 6:30pm

  • Roman
  • Terry
  • Paul
  • Fiona

Vivid Violets - Thursday, finishing at 7:30pm

  • Dawson
  • Licia
  • Ben

One of the ideas of this project is to simulate the experience of developing a project in collaboration with an unsighted group from across the globe via e-mail and the web. Also we aim to keep how everything fits together a surprise. In order to facilitate this, we ask that every team works quietly and secretly amongst themselves. The only thing that any team should know about another team's work is a single line of text.

Okay! Team Vivid Violets see Jeremy at 9:00 ( or as soon as you get in ) to be given your secret URL which contains the project notes. The other teams, WHAT ARE YOU DOING READING THIS! Where are those web scrapbooks? Not to mention coloured walkcycles and soundtracks. The unveiling of these projects will happen at 9:30, next Monday.

luckless lucy
front page 
lucy introduction
from the start
chapter titles