The WebJam Project
Luckless Lucy

Hi Vivid Violets Team. Today is Thursday. Please work secretively as best you can and don’t talk about what you are doing with the team(s) that follow yours.

Introduce yourselves to Luckless Lucy - an animgram - this week’s web project.
All you need to know to get started is here. Happy reading!

This project is to be carried out over four consecutive days in the period 27/4/98 to 30/4/98


Your team is to use either 4 panels or 4 separate pages to portray of one of the (many) misadventures of Luckless Lucy. (See the examples in the Specifications below)

The misadventure is to be introduced and resolved or partially resolved over the four panels/screens.

At the end of the day, the Vivid Violets must prepare a brief textual description of their last panel for the next Righteous Reds, to respond to.

Lucy character to be supplied by AIM to all teams. The hatchet became buried in Luckless Lucy’s head on a previous misadventure, and even the best surgeons were unable to remove it.

Your team will introduce and resolve a unique object/situation for Lucy to experience/interact with.

You MUST be finished your page(s) by 7:30pm today.


Your team will nominate a one member onto whose account their ‘chapter’ will be temporarily hosted (during your production day). That URL (the address including the name of the HTML document you ultimately create) is to be given to Jeremy via email and Jeremy will pull the content off at the designated finish time for your team on the day you created this page.

You should also provide Jeremy with a list of the resource files that are linked to your Luckless Lucy HTML document.

Give your story a short title (as shown in the examples below). Additionally you should email to Jeremy the last linking phrase which suggests continuance (eg. “and then...”; “in the next exciting episode”; “40 years later”; “meanwhile on Planet Zeus”) and a brief text description of the last panel.

Jeremy will email the text description of the last panel to the next group by 9am next morning. The team commences working on the project from then until the allocated deadline.

Note your team’s page name is unique and should not be revealed or its contents talked about with any other team.

Jeremy will create a Title page which will point to first teams page, last frame or line will link to next team’s page.

If the Team uses mulitple pages to tell their story they must provide a link to take the reader from page to page.

The idea is that each team gets about 7 to 8 hours to work on the project. Hence the varying finish time for each day, allowing the teams time to still attend any lectures given during the day.

Jeremy's email is


The story shall be told in four complete panels or sections. You could have all four panels on one page.

Example 1 - Four panels on one page, horizontal scrolling
Example 2 - Four panels on one page, vertical scrolling

Or you could have a panel per page.

Example 3 - Four pages, one panel per page.

You could also have various combinations (One page with three panels and a final page with one panel) as long as it adds up to four destinct panels.

A panel, or section, can consist of one image, or it could be made up of a number of images and text, provided the panels are clearly deliniated from each other.

Example 4 - One panel on one page, using three images and text.

Each panel should be no more than 50k in size whether .gif or .jpeg. This means that if you are using 4 panels per page, the entire page should not be more than 200k. If you are using one panel per page, all the resources on that page should add up to no more than 50k.

Don’t be overly concerned with finish in this exercise. Your main concern should be to get a story across.

Remember Black and white graphics are economical

Lucy can be interpreted, just keep the basic elements- green, red, plaits

Do not forget the possiblity of a well placed two or three frame animated gif to enhance the story.

No sound to be incorporated at this stage


The Team will supply a written one line synopsis of how Luckless Lucy was left in the final panel of their story. This synopsis is given to Jeremy via email, who then passes it on to the next team, who must then develop a response to the given predicament. They, in turn, will write their own one line description of their final panel which goes on to the next team, and so on.


Think about the usage of space to tell your story, revelation of the story using the devices unique to the web such as scrolling about a 2D space.


- To introduce storytelling for the Web

- To produce a serendipitous serialised story

- To undertake a brief in a fixed time

- To rely on the combined skills of your team to produce an end product in collaboration with other production teams (who could have been based on the other side of the world).

- To learn about the constraints and possibilities of the Web as a publishing mode/delivery mechanism.


Will be the following Monday 3rd May.

Please be in the studio on that date by 9:30am at the very latest.

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