Update History

3/6/99 - Two changes within a month! Egad! Adds the first page of the new Research area.

18/5/99 - Matches last year's record of two changes in a year. Changes a couple of pictures on the Front page and Warnings, and adds a new Realworld Moment. Working towards adding a lot more pages!!!!

- Another change! The World holds its collective breath!!! Another Realworld Moment added, and change the Introduction over to a rather nifty summation of the web phenomenon, by Gary Trudeau.

7/7/98 - The changes are coming thick and fast now! :) :). Added another Realworld Moment, set up the Realworld Moments Album page, and stuck in a gesture at an Introduction page.

5/6/98 - After close to year, he finally adds something new to these pages. At last a Main Page, and the start of the Realworld Moments.

27/8/97 - The Jeremy J Parker Home Page goes on-line for the first time, starting with the front page.

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