A jima was born in Thailand in 1976, which means her star sign is the Dragon and her element is Fire. Dragons are outspoken (perhaps that's why Ajima hated her teaching job at Thummasat University) and adventurous (Ajima needs to be, to have come to a new country to study.

As a Dragon, Ajima is also likely to be lucky in love, money and work. Those born in the Year of the Dragon are supposed to have boundless energy and vitality and to be at their peak between 7.00am and 9.00am. So far, Ajima seems to be barely awake when she gets into the studio in the mornings, and it's only the beginning of 1st semester. Dragons are very spiritual, so perhaps that's why Ajima hates living in an apartment next to Melbourne University - too many ghosts wanting her attention and distracting her from thinking about animation. Actually, I think its because she's a SCAREDY CAT!

Ajima also has a DEEP DARK SECRET

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