...or is THIS Patrick?

Yes, the rumours are true. Patrick is actually a lizard. That's right, he's a reptile of the suborder Sauria in the order Squamata (characterized by a fused lower jaw, external ears, eyes with movable lids, and usually four legs and a tapering tail; commonly found in deserts and other dry regions). As one of the world's most gifted newts, Patrick has become the first lizard ever to attempt an Animation & Interactive Media course at RMIT. But don't take our word for it, look at these eerie photos...

Here's a freshly hatched Patrick having his first human suit fitted by his "mother".

Here he is after tearing his human suit while foraging for insects in Bali. Note the huge moth he has trapped under his front left leg.

And here's a more recent shot of Patrick (far right) experimenting with other forms of human suits. In this case, Patrick's human friends dressed up to provide much-needed moral support.

Conceptualisation, realisation, implementation, activation and sweet sensation by Mic Looby