"A person on a pushbike is five times more efficient than a car or passenger jet, fifteen times more efficient than a running dog, and four hundred times more efficient that a cockroach........."

Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

Tim says....."Life is a highway, I wanna cycle it all night long!!!!!"

1972 - Tim was born in Geelong. He was a good strong boy and always ate his greens, which gave him very strong legs. Let that serve as an example to all budding cyclists!!

Tim loved art and sport at school; but things turned sour when he was accused of arson by the principlal. He was innocent!! Tim studied screen printing and Design in 1992; undertook a apprenticeship in screen printing in 1994, and studied multimedia at the Melbourne School of Art in 1999.
Tim opened two second hand clothing stores in 1999. I want to say something funny about this but I haven't thought of it yet.... Stay tuned.
In 1998, Tim travelled to Mexico and South America, (probably on his treddly).
The year 2000 sees Tim fulfill his destiny as cyclist-animator!