Who Is Hamish Koci?

Transcript from communiqué intercepted 9.3.02
This is the kind of ethical dilemma that might fry my brain. Too many unknowns. But, despite my anxiety at the notion of messing with the past because of the unseen ramifications it would have on the future, if it could save 6 million Jews and stop the carnage of a World War, sure. But would it? Or would another “Hitler” just take his place? I don’t know. I wouldn’t kill him just because he was an evil man and deserves it, because I have trouble with the notion of killing anyone, but if I could see how it might definitely alter things for the better by saving lives, then I would. But then again, the dead no longer suffer, right? And we need the past to inform the future: Without WW2 we might not have the Geneva Convention, we might not have learnt the value of human rights, and might still be waiting to learn it today (although people still are having trouble with that very notion). We could find ourselves in a different future, maybe in a concentration camp, becoming the lesson ourselves. In other words, I have no idea what I’d do!

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