This is an example of Jannele in her intoxicated stage surrounded by alcohol and

the very milk that she has helped produce

Jannele Kelnor, 25 years of age and born in Canberra, portrays herself to the people around her as a shy, reserved and responsible person. She loves Australian farms because she has a "milking cow fetish". Jannele finds pleasure in squeezing milk from a cows' udder. Funnily enough, she prefers liquor to milk. Jannele is a dipsomaniac and has a tendency to collapse after a nightly bout of drinking. The effect of this unfortunate habit is that it has caused Jannele's thinking process to be slower than the average person. Her brain cells have ashort life span as most of them find their deaths through Jannele's alcohol consumption.If that doesn't kill the poor suckers, her head coming in contact with hard surfaces will. Because of this disability, Jannele is fit for nothing but watching television. Jannele being half Canadian and Australian, used to go to Canada every other Christmas to watch the 600 channels on Cable TV. Whilst her Canadian kin celebrate the holidays with fun-filled joyous family activities, Jannele is too deeply immersed in her shows and declines to join them for fear of missing Buffy, Ren and Stimpy or Bugs Bunny. At least she has her priorities straight for her love of cartoons has finally brought her to the Animation and Interactive Media course in RMIT. For years she has thought about doing animation but has done totally nothing about it until now, (her brain has finally kicked in). She wishes to do character animation, while milking cows and drinking, at the conclusion of this course.


Animation and Interactive Media