The photo above was taken by a poor innocent rat before he was gutted with a butter knife.The picture was found in the unlucky animals' DV camera, discovered by his now widowed wife and 50 children.

Despite her normal sluggish thinking ability, Jannele is surprisingly fast when it comes to eradicating rats and mice. Yes boys and girls, Jannele alias Janny is a Rat Slayer. She harbors a deep and blinding hate for all rodents. She has been known to secretly destroy the animals, whether or not they are kept as pets, in a zoo or in a wild life centre. Neither the location nor their circumstances matter to her, as soon as she discovers them, they are as good as dead. This is usually the case for she is a very efficient exterminator. Her goal in life is to hunt every last one of these creatures until they are annihilated. For this very reason, Jannele is wanted by rats and mice of all varieties around the world. She is also wanted by a few hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs when she accidentally killed their relations during a hunting expedition gone horribly wrong when an intelligent farm mouse tricked the latter into wearing "mice" suits for a masquerade party. Due to the adrenalin rush trickling into her feeble brain she did not realize her error until it was too late. The bounty on her head is currently $50.00 with a generous bonus of fifty slices of cheese, 3 bags of nuts and grains from the Vermin Conservation Society.

Be warned that Jannele is a very dangerous persson to trifle with. She has been known to assault people wearing Mouse Mascots. The latest incident was in Disneyland when she attacked a man wearing a Mickey Mouse costume, (witnesses say that she tried to disembowel him with a plastic spoon, while screaming obsceneties).

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