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I want to tell you something....

I'd read a lot of young science handbooks, paying special attention to spontaneous combustion. I'd lived with a few alien channellers who had whispered to me fearfully the side affects of gossiping with greys and mysterious disappearances. I'd seen music video clips where lead vocalists would appear to have out of body experiences.... But then I met Kim, (*or maybe I thought I did, maybe I needed to....maybe those returned emails were just a part of the great compassionate internet for the believers) she was in my class at uni.
We sat together at morning tea, but I did have the flu, couldn't hear anything and was a bit vague, but she seemed real enough, why wouldn't she be - the rebirthers had put a star of saint someone over my helix to prevent any visitations, it seemed to have worked so far. We had a short conversation about viral infections and disfigurement and went back into class. It wasn't as if someone tried to sit on the same seat she was in and I had to stop them or anything. No I think she was really there then....that more than a week ago.

Kimberley Jane Pickburn
dob 12/3/71

What I thought were her emails suggested she liked walking along the Merri Creek with her dog. Maybe you've seen her, she described her dog as-

a black and brown very scruffy dog that looks a bit like the dog that guarded the sheep from the wolf in that old cartoon.

But I think that I would like doing that too, if I had a dog.....(maybe I should get a dog). She liked gardening, eating good fresh food. She even liked watching films and reading, she mentioned a book,,, 'The Country of Last things' by Paul Auster. She said it described the future as empty bleak place of only recycled and found possessions, and explored the trials of survival amidst this environment with characters knowing only a past filled with materialism.............Maybe this is now?.. I think I have just forced myself to have an out of body experience...Maybe I'll find Kim





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