Portrait of an Animator as a Young Man

Once upon a time a wee lad came walking down along the road. His name was Paul Rutter.
Paul grew up in the foothills of South Australia in a place called Coromandel. Crossing river and dale he would make his way to school.
On rainy days he wore his yellow raincoat. Sometimes he was chased by dogs. So, don't ask him to pat your favourite pooch - he wont!
As Paul grew up sport became an important element in his life. At school he enjoyed soccer, cricket and tennis. In his leisuretime there was skateboarding and surfing.
Today his idea of paradise is a tropical beach, a just finished asian banquet and the chance of getting a couple more sets in before dinner.
One day Paul was inspired by a casual drawing his mother had made - it seemed magical the way a series of lines could resemble an object - and so he began to draw. Soon after he won a local drawing competiton.
His Irish grandmother performed a jig for him, and so his love of dance was born. He went on to dance in the streets (and on car bonnets!)
And now, years later, his drawing and dancing have led him to animation and the move to Melbourne from his property in South Australia, which he shares with seven others and 'farms' using permaculture philosophies.
Paul Rutter's interests in drawing, dance, nature and surfing are sure to combine in a very unusual and interesting animation.


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