by Someone Who Wish to Know Brian Ng

Lurking among his classmates, with those big beady and desperate eyes, Brian Ng is a figure not too hard to miss. Many attempts have failed him to hide his charm from the ever expectant crowd. Totem masks, oil paints, nose jobs, cheek jobs, boob... anyway years of self-torturing life seems only to prove that Brian Ng's charm comes from the boundless Honkie Charm that flowlessly emanates from his aura (or so his close relatives told us).

Oh yes, like many many Asians that are beginning to swarm the downunder, Brian is a part of the ever-increasing Honkie community. (In case for those of you who are unfamiliar with the term Honkie, we believe it's coined from the word Hong Kong—their country of origin)

"I don't think I ever find out what makes me so charming," Brian mutterred," When I was at primary school I was always late for classes because girls (and some boys) would greet me at the gate with candies, dolls, toys and flowers. Same thing goes during my high school and college days. I used to lock myself up in the janitor's room simply to avoid people swarming over me!"
Fortunately, later when Brian found out the excitement of using the computer to express his boundless creativity, he found out that the very act of him staring to the computer monitor actually repels people from him.

"People just freaked out...for no reason!," said Brian," Everytime I sit on a machine, whether they be PCs, Macs or even those lame kiosks in the malls, people just stay the distance of me. It's the bizzarest thing ever. That's when I was like, hmm I better study something that keeps me glued on a computer for hours, even days!"

Hence RMIT's Animation and Interactive Media sounds like a more than a perfect choice for Brian to keep his Honkie Charm in check. He's also quite relieved when he was told that they are using only Macintoshes and PCs. Because it turns out that his charm amplifies a thousand times more when he's near any SGI or Linux-installed machines. One very disturbing experience taught him enough when he accidentally bumped into Linus Trovalds in a computer shop. Mr Trovalds just had his Linux fixed and was carrying the machine when they met. The Linux god begged to make love to him. Charmed indeed.