Brian Ng's charm turns out more than just a metaphysical phenomenon. Latest research has proven that one in every 2,355,449 actually exhibits the same 'talent' as Brian. The prestigious Centre for Research of Astounding Phenomenon (CRAP) in the US has defined this as an incurable disease with small to medium spread. In honor to Brian's life long struggle and new found 'cure', the Centre thus named the disease Manicrum OverRulus Emphaticum Cranius Revertum Associated Pathology (currently known as MORE CRAP)

The past few years has seen increasing interest in the disease, especially since Brian's celebrity friends (who also suffer the same thing) joined in to the fight. People like Mike Myers (a ka Austin Powers), Michael Jackson, Sean Connery and the like. Brian Ng's MORE CRAP Foundation was inaugurated recently in Melbourne, Australia with a growing membership and donations. Brian was almost nominated for Young Australian of the Year for Outstanding Fight against MORE CRAP, however he was disqualified after the authorities found out that he was still on international student visa.

Brian, however, is cheerful as ever,"Well, at least it's good to see people finally are made aware of MORE CRAP. I do get a lot of withdrawal syndrome whenever I'm away from my computer. I become widely agitated, smiling unnecessarily or just dancing ecstatically (see photo). But apart from that...I finally enjoy my freedom!"