Susan Gamble


My first impression that I of Susan was a very active, creative, open minded and outgoing person. After watching one of her excebitions, that to me was very abstract at first, I realised later that she had message to tell.

Susan is from Melbourne and she drives around in her six years old yellow Corolla. On the question if Melbourne is a place where she would like to settle down her reply was: "I don't like the word 'settle down', I want to be able to fly off". So far she has been taking off several times. England, italy and US, is marked off her list and so is also Nepal, Japan, and India. "India was different. Different in a positive way. Everything is so crazy and noisy and everybody stares at you."
While sitting down and listening to her I wondered how she is able to fit in all the things she is actually working on and with. The list of instruments she plays is as longs as the list of countries she has been to. She is an actor and a musician. She plays the violin,the piano, the siter. When she has time she also performs in a band, and she also works as a children entertainer!!
While she is at school these days she has a two pets in the backyard. A little dog that don't like thunder and cat.

Do you have time to sleep, Susan?