Hi! I'm Chris Barker

Now I am going to talk about Chris Barker who is one of my colleagues in the class. However, I do not like to enjoy what I describe and leave someone's personality, appearance and life on a piece of paper. Because, I prefer to experience someone rather than just represent someone. Moreover, even I do not know much about Chris Barker because of short relationship, which have not any conversation with him. At the most, I have very short conversation with him just for the project.  In spite of such a short interview, it was very interesting and good conversation so I try to describe my feeling from the conversation with Chris Barker.


Chris Barker was born in 1971 and has a brother but I do not know who is older and younger brother. He worked around visual arts and architecture for about five years. It seems that he has good skill of drawing and enjoys that. Besides, he likes cycling and playing guitar. Jeff Buchley and Chinatown are his favorite musician and movie. Unfortunately, I do not have any information about Jeff Buchley and certainly I have seen the Chinatown but I can remember the story of the movie.

It seems to me that first impression of Chris Barker was a calm. His low tone of voice might was one of the reason to have feeling that he is calm and peaceful person. First interest of conversation was an answer that I requested him to describe himself. He said " Interesting. " That is all of answer of my question. How simple! Subsequently, I asked for his religion, he said that he is a Buddhist. It was not a little surprised to me, that he was not an ordinary Buddhist. He is very interesting about Zen and doing Joa Zen, which is a sort of meditation, sometimes. Even he knows master Soong-San, who is very famous Buddhist monk both Korea and western society.  There are more than ten million buddhist in korea but it very difficult to meet buddhist who really interested in Zen or different way of buddhism which could compare with wish or pray something to buddha. Therefore, I could guess why he replied such a simple.


He has been many countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Among of them, India was most impressive country to him.  Almost end of our conversation, I asked for his ambition. He said that making a movie by a small stream in countryside is his wish. That is all I know about Chris Barker.