Research Diary #1
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As an artist for some years now, I have explored working with collage and mixed media on paper and canvas. In the application of similar materials for under-the-camera work with the use of layers, the experiments have a similar appearance to the work I have produced in my still pictures.

Because of the nature of this experimentation, where mixed media is applied the outcome of these images are often unpredictable as they are unplanned. This kind of experimentation opens new possibilities to emerge for a variety of media that can be explored and to be utilised in making 2D animation.

Working directly under the camera with found objects and materials gives the work a certain kind of immediacy and fresh approach as I find with the manipulation of this media, new discoveries, both visually and creatively. This diary documents some of these experimentations.

Plastic netting, coloured paper, twigs and paper with print.
Shape, colour and texture were the key elements for this image,using the same principles in design as in creating a collage . Only this time, the found pieces are moved about under the camera between every two frames. In this image, the colours and man-made patterns of the plastic mesh and newsprint combined with the starkness of the twigs on the top layer give a suggestion of urbanisation.

Sumi-e ink drawing on rice paper and dry pasta.
The idea of working with images that have a certain unpredictability and immediacy have always had a great appeal for me. Gestural brush work using ink on rice paper which is torn into segments and then manipulated on three planes with spaghetti pasta on top or middle area created just such an image. The gestural line work retain absolute freshness in appearance and the inks soft edges as the lines bleed into the paper facilitates a subtle and sensitively creative expression. I found both the process and outcome of this experiment very pleasing.

Coloured plastic and cellophane
Strips of light blue, pink and green were cut from plastic shopping bags. These were placed overlapping one another on the layers of glass under the camera and slowly moved across adding then taking away a number of strips as I shot two frames at a time This proved to be a most delicate and subtle image as one might find in washes of watercolour. For a bit of contrast I added some cut shapes of coloured cellophane. Placing bits of twigs on the top layer of glass sheet created the illusion of sky and trees. This medium could be easily adapted to a number of mixed techniques
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