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Club Objective:

To expose student to the art and benefits of Tai Chi and to provide its members with the opportunity to experience and practice Tai Chi.

The RMIT Tai Chi Club is relative new on campus, having been founded in 1996, so we are enthusiastic and eager to expand in 1998 !

Tai Chi:

Essentially the aim of the club is to provide its members with the opportunity to experience and practice Tai Chi ; An ancient , Chinese martial art-form. Tai Chi consists of sequences of slow, flowing movements, designed to relax, refresh and re-energise the body and mind. It is the perfect stress-reliever for students! More detail


Our highly respected and refined teacher, Master Chin Min , has credentials from China and other parts of Asia. We are therefore fortunate to have Master Chin Min instructing Tai Chi lessons for beginners and upwards.

Furthermore the club is affiliated with the Celestial Tai Chi College of Australia, which welcomes RMIT Tai Chi club members to become involved in its activities.

So get your body and mind working circulate some of your "Chi"( energy) and join the RMIT TAI CHI CLUB!

Tai Chi in open air

Why join the RMIT Tai Chi Club?

There are very few place in Melbourne that you can learn Tai Chi directly from a Master - Our club is one of them.

Check tick icon In our club you can not only learn from the master but also enjoy the cheapest prices in Melbourne.
Check tick icon As a club member all activity that a run by Celestial Tai Chi College will be
subsidies by the club by almost 50%.
Check tick icon The classes are
build for student so you will not miss out during exam time where you want to concentrate on your studies.
Check tick icon Classes have a very young student atmosphere and are a great place to
meet people with similar interests.

What's new:

Green square Visiting Master Ms PENG YING- All China champion 10/08/97
Green square Demostration Open Day Tai Chi 10/08/97 To top of page icon

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